Patient Story: Debbie Lewis

Debbie Lewis was diagnosed with cancer in the spring of 2010.  After medical complications, she suffered bilateral below elbow amputations.

Debbie is a young mother of three.  Prior to her bout with cancer, she was a completely independent women who worked outside of the home as well as taking care of extensive family responsibilities. She is now in the process of rehabilitation to learn how to function with her two myoelectric, iLimb hands.

However, this process did not come easily.  She has had the fight of her life this past year. Not only is she in complete remission, she has had to fight for the proper prosthetic coverage from her insurance company.  Debbie had to fight long and hard with her insurance company to get them to pay for myoelectric prostheses. Her insurance policy had a limitation on the technology, as above and beyond basic need. With Kentucky Prosthetics, the help of many others, and after a six month fight with her insurance….Debbie was approved for the computerized iLimb hands.

She is in the early stages of rehabilitation due to the extensive battle with her insurance. However in the short time since she has had her new hands, she had made leaps and bounds in gaining back control of her own life.

Debbie states that without Kentucky Prosthetics, this would not have been a reality; she believes that most other companies would never have helped her fight the long battle with the insurance company. “Kentucky Prosthetics never gave up hope in the providing the best prosthetics available.  I needed more than what my insurance believed was my basic function; they helped prove it…..Kentucky Prosthetics went above and beyond to help figure out how to obtain the technology that would benefit me and my family.”

Debbie is truly an inspiration to us all in  the fact that life can be turned upside down so quickly.  However, she continues to have a positive attitude and only wants to help others.

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