Patient Story: Neil Brown

Neil Brown is a fairly recent amputee.  In November 2010 he became a bilateral below knee amputee as well as partial hand (parts of all fingers) on his dominate hand.  The cause of his amputation was a result of the medication that was used to save his life.  The medicine was designed to keep his vital organs working, but the medications caused the circulation to be cut off from his extremities which eventually caused the amputations.

Prior to amputation Neil was an active young man: he worked as a manager for Terminx; he was a Firefighter/EMT; he worked with local rescue squads as a state certified high angle rope rescue operator; he was also the trainer for the KY Corrections Department team in high angle rappelling; and he was an avid motorcycle rider.  Neil is currently in extensive rehabilitation to regain function and achieve his goals of returning to his beloved hobbies.  He currently wears the bilateral Harmony suction system below knee prosthetics and the new X-fingers. The x-fingers are the first in the regional area. Check out his videos/blogs to see how he works them. Neil continues to strive for new adventures in life; he has gone back to part time work at the Fire Station in dispatch and has enrolled in college to get his degree as a Physical Therapy Assistant.

Although Neil is a new amputee, he has already helped many others with his blog Two Feet Shorter.  The blog follows his medical treatment from the hospital all the way through rehabilitation. Neil has a very positive spin on life; he lives by the motto: “No matter what else, believe in yourself! When you are told you can’t do something because you have an amputation, prove your nay-sayer wrong.  The only limitations you have are the ones YOU put on yourself. Never let anyone else put limitations on your goals or dreams!”

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