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Limbs Are Essential

Make a Difference: Take a Stand for Our Amputees

Yes, in some states, amputees who are Medicaid beneficiaries are being denied access to the artificial limbs and customized bracing. They are entitled to their mobility.

The best thing that you can do to help is communicate to your state and federal legislators, and ask them to make sure this doesn't happen in your state.

Visit the AOPA webpage for more information and the opportunity to contact your legislator.

Stephanie Decker


Injured Indiana mom Stephanie Decker honored at NASCAR event at Darlington Raceway

Stephanie Decker had a Mother's Day weekend to remember at Darlington Raceway.continued (WCPO) »


Tornado survivor Stephanie Decker offers support to Boston amputees

Stephanie Decker, the Southern Indiana women who lost parts of both legs while shielding her children from cascading debris during the March 2, 2012, tornado outbreak, has sent words of support to those who face a similar recuperation following the Boston Marathon bombings.continued (Courier-Journal) »


Henryville mom who lost her legs headed to Washington

Stephanie Decker, known for her courageous story of protecting her kids during the Henryville tornado, has possibly her most anticipated meeting ever on Friday at the White House.continued ( »


Stephanie Decker walks on prosthetic limb 2 months after tornado crushes her legs

Stephanie Decker sat forward in her wheelchair Wednesday morning, watching as a soft sleeve was slipped over her right leg, which now ends just below the knee. Next came a new prosthetic leg, equipped with everything from a microprocessor and sensors to a sneaker with hot–pink laces.continued (Courier– »

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Henryville mother who lost legs in tornado moves closer to getting prosthetic legs

With her family beside her, Stephanie Decker is now moving closer to learning to walk again. I´ve gained some patience in this process, but my patience is wearing thin because I want to get up, Decker said.continued ( »


Mom who saved kids from tornado: It was instinct

Though she selflessly shielded her two young children from a tornado while being battered to within an inch of her life, Stephanie Decker says she´s not a hero; the simple title mom fits her just fine.continued (Today) »

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Faith and determination help amputee learn to walk again

A Louisville man who had his leg amputated is able to walk again thanks to a Kentuckiana-based company. WDRB's Sterling Riggs recently spoke with James Green and learned about his journey of hope and determination. continued (WDRB) »


Tornado survivor adapts after losing limbs

WDRB 41 Louisville News


You just pick up and go on: Life after the 2012 storms

he survived the Henryville tornado with little more than a scratch, but the aftermath of the storm cost her all of her limbs and nearly took her life.continued (News & Tribune) »


Governor Beshear has reappointed Sienna Newman to the Kentucky Board of Prosthetics, Orthotics, and Pedorthics

Link to full list of Governors appointments found below:continued ( »


Technology allows double amputee to step out in 3-inch stilettos

Paralympian pleased with rowing honor - and with technology that lets her wear 3-inch stilettos.continued (Courier-Journal) »


Lou. war veteran says he feels like Six Million Dollar Man with prosthetic

A Louisville soldier says he feels like the Six Million Dollar Man. It's a medical breakthrough that's helping him and other war vets who've lost limbs.continued (Courier-Journal) »


Iraq veteran receives bionic ankle

A local prosthetic center unveiled a state-of-the-art technology on a local amputee and Iraq war veteran Friday.continued (WLKY) »


Louisville rower Oksana Masters, Rob Jones take bronze at Paralympics

Louisville rower Oksana Masters and boatmate Rob Jones won a bronze medal in mixed double sculls Sunday at the Paralympics in London, edging Britain's Nicholas Beighton and Samantha Scowen by 0.21 seconds.continued (Courier-Journal) »


Paralympics just another part of Louisville rower Oksana Masters' American dream

As a child living in nightmarish conditions at a boarding school in her native Ukraine, Oksana Masters held out hope for what she called the American dream.continued (Courier-Journal) »


Oksana Masters, Oars Only

An extended interview from the 2012 ESPN The Magazine Body Issue.

Q. Why did you decide to pose for the Body Issue?continued (ESPN The Magazine) »


Louisville woman to compete in 2012 Paralympic Games

A dream is about to become reality for a Louisville woman who is headed to the 2012 Paralympics in London.continued ( »


Gold and Bronze for U.S. Crews at Final Paralympic Qualification Regatta

Belgrade, Serbia — The U.S. trunk and arms mixed double sculls crew of Rob Jones (Lovettsville, Va.) and Oksana Masters (Buffalo, N.Y.) won gold to highlight racing at the Final Paralympic Qualification Regatta in Belgrade, Serbia.continued ( »


Paramedic may have lost his leg, but he hasn´t lost his will to work

As the rushing water carried Joe Riffe toward the waterfall, he didn´t think he would survive. At the edge of the falls, he managed to grab hold of a tree branch. For a few seconds, he dangled by the branch out over the 11–story drop, the waterfall crashing on jagged rocks below.continued (Courier– »


Fink, Jones, Masters Win 2012 Non–Qualified Paralympic Trials

Racing at the 2012 Non-Qualified Paralympic Trials on Mercer Lake is complete following Friday´s finals. Two crews – the women´s arms–only single sculls and the trunk–and–arms mixed double sculls – took the first step toward making the 2012 Paralympic team that will represent the United States at the Paralympic Games in London.continued ( »


Louisville amputee determined to return to work as paramedic

A Louisville Metro paramedic is determined to get back to work after his leg was amputated. It happened as the result of a tragic hiking accident.continued ( »


Great CDSS training in Louisville at Frazier Rehab

BlazeSports conducted a Certified Disability Sport Specialist (CDSS) training workshop in Louisville for 37 participants.continued ( »


Young girl loses leg and becomes a hometown hero

Munfordville, KY. – Kadison Warren is a 13–year–old who hasn't let losing part of her right leg slow her down.continued ( »

video (courtesy WDRB)

video (courtesy WBKO)


Friends hold benefit concert for woman who lost hands, battled to get prosthetics

Louisville, KY. – After dealing with leukemia, intensive cancer treatments, the loss of her hands and the battle to get prosthetics, a Southern Indiana mother is getting some much needed help from her friends.continued ( »


Child of Chernobyl

Louisville, KY. – Victim of nuclear reactor disaster survives horrific childhood, severe disabilities to become competitive rower.continued (Leo »


Ind. woman receives insurance approval for prosthetics after WHAS11 story

Louisville, KY. – WHAS11 introduced you to Debbie Lewis from Indiana last fall when she had to have both hands amputated after a cancer surgery complication. Last month we ran a story detailing her fight to get prosthetic hands.continued ( »


Insurance company denies woman life–changing prosthetic hands

Louisville, KY. – Think about what you could not do in daily life without your hands. A local woman recently realized that startling reality.continued ( »


Indiana mom fights back from cancer, loses both hands; friends holding sale to help with bills.

Just a year ago, Debbie Lewis was living what most would call a normal life. She and her husband worked, her three boys went to school and they spent most days attending sports events.continued ( »


No state help for hit and run victims

The Kentucky State Crime Victims Compensation Board is designed to financially help victims of violent crimes in the Commonwealth. But it seems that victims of certain crimes, such as hit and run accidents, are falling through the cracks.continued ( »