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If your interested in getting from point A to point B, don't worry about coming here. But, if your interested in LIVING again, this is the place to be! Every step of the way KY Prosthetics has been with me on my journey as a bilateral below knee amputee. They have never told me I can't do something, and have always been supportive. As an added bonus, they make GREAT prosthesis!
– Neil B.

Knowledge Base

ABC Certification is Vital

Every profession has some type of review board to make certain its members are following appropriate standards. Rehabilitation professionals recognize the American Board for Certification in Orthotics & Prosthetics (ABC) as the top standards setting and administering body in our field.

To obtain ABC certification, applicants must have:

Certified prosthetists use CP following their names, while certified orthotists use CO. Kentucky Prosthetics & Orthotics practitioners are accredited in both specialties and may use the initials CPO.

Once certified, practitioners must continue professional education and training. Meeting standards is proof of competency and professional certification assures patients that they will receive the best rehabilitative care possible.

Technologically Enhanced Personal Service

When it comes to prosthetics and orthotic devices, one size doesn't fit all. Every prosthesis and orthosis is custom designed, fabricated, and fit according to the needs and activity level of each patient.

Kentucky Prosthetics & Orthotics uses the sophisticated TracerCAD to help design comfortable fitting, high performance devices such as prosthetic sockets. The TracerCAD's computer–guided components scans the limb, relating detailed, accurate measurements that are translated into an on–screen image of the limb. The data is used to make a positive mold. Plastic is then vacuum–formed over the carved mold transferring the computerized design into the finished orthosis or prosthesis.

The result is a high–performance, precision–fit socket and prosthesis that delivers extended wear with improved comfort. With this system we are also able to fabricate braces and support systems are also designed and fit to meet the individual's unique demands. We also provide custom foot orthoses, or pedorthics, and orthopedic footwear. Fabrication and repairs are done in our well–equipped laboratory to ensure that high standards of craftsmanship are met in a timely manner.

Our skilled technicians use high performance materials and innovative techniques to fabricate devices and handle repairs in our own laboratory. On–site fabrication also means our patients receive custom devices in a more timely and cost–effective manner.